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The right auto transport leads package can be the core of a successfull auto transport business.

Auto Transport Software LeadsAt CarrierSoft, we ONLY generate leads for people that have requested information about moving their vehicle. We do not sell real estate leads, moving company leads, or any other type of lead. Our internet ads specifically target search terms like “auto hauling” or “move my car” which means people only come to our lead generation web sites if they are searching for a car moving company. As well, our lead generation websites only service customers that want to move a vehicle (see for example).

Each customer quote request that we process is sent to 10 auto brokers. We internally monitor the complete lead path from generation to sale so that our leads are not resold which would ‘water them down’ and make them less valuable. We believe you will find that our leads will be some of the best in the industry.

We offer several packages of leads per month: 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 or higher as seasonal fluctuations allow. CarrierSoft guarantees a maximum cost per lead which means that if CarrierSoft can not generate the guaranteed number of leads we will refund you the difference. If CarrierSoft provides extra leads in a month, which is usually the case, you keep them for free! We also run seasonal specials so when you call to start your package, make sure to ask about our current promotions.

We require payments for leads in advance, due by the first of each month, and prorate our fees for late starts or early termination within a month. You are free to adjust your leads package on a monthly basis and all leads contracts are month to month.

The right auto transport leads package can be the core of a successfull auto transport business. Here at CarrierSoft we strive to provide top quality leads at a competetive price. Please check out the link below to sign up or feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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