MegaBee FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers About Your Most Frequently Asked MegaBee Questions.

How much does your MegaBee Auto Transport Software cost?

Our Broker Standard software package costs $129 / user / month (minimum 2 users). This package is focused on helping small brokers manage and automate their business. Our Broker Professional package which automates your pricing, workflow, and communications for increased conversion and revenue runs at $149 / user / month (minimum 2 users). For brokers with over 10 users, please call us for volume pricing at 866.396.1467. We also offer API access for those companies that require finer grain control over their websites for $299 / company / month.

Does MegaBee allow you to send out automated emails to the clients?

A: Yes, MegaBee can send automatic emails or wait for you to approve quote pricing before issuing quotes to clients based on several “triggers” in the software including; receiving a lead, placing an order, dispatching an order, completing an order, and many more.

What are the automated emails that go out?

A: Automated emails to your customers include; emails with their specific order information when they are quoted, when they have booked their order, when a carrier has been assigned to their order and when their order has been completed. Each of these emails is fully editable and customizable to suit your needs. We actually offer over a dozen pre-configured emails and offer you the ability to add more.

Can MegaBee send automated quotes?

A: Yes, MegaBee can send quotes to customers automatically. This is accomplished by calculating price based on a number of variables (controlled by you) including; driving distance, mileage, vehicle type, and many more. Once calculated, the system will send an automatic quote to the customer. The user editable pricing variables include; whether the vehicle is running or not, the vehicle type, the type of transport (standard, rush service, enclosed), the distance, the region, the route, as well as an unlimited number of additional option charges you can create.

Do I have to install anything to run MegaBee?

A:  MegaBee is a fully web based solution and can be accessed from any internet connection using a browser.  We recommend Firefox or Chrome.

Can MegaBee automatically receive leads from providers other than CarrierSoft?

A: Yes, we currently integrate with over 20 of the most popular providers and we can create a unique email parser address for you to give to your lead provider if it’s one we have not encountered yet.  Please allow several days for new lead providers to be added to our software.

Can you post loads on Central Dispatch from the MegaBee admin?

A: Absolutely, MegaBee is integrated with Central Dispatch to post, re-post, and delete loads on the Central Dispatch boards.

Can I send DocuSign versions of the invoice or dispatch agreement through MegaBee?

A: Yes, we do integrate with DocuSign for the purpose of sending out your invoice/contracts as well as carrier dispatch agreements.  You are required to have an account with DocuSign.

Can I upload and attach PDF files to an order?

A: Yes, you can attach files to an order including, carrier insurance information, check by fax, signed carrier dispatch agreement, etc.

How does MegaBee work with my website?

A: MegaBee has an integrated quote form for your website allowing a client to enter their information and it will automatically process into MegaBee and generate the appropriate response emails.

What type of sales & production reports can MegaBee generate?

A: Megaee can produce a total of thirteen different reports covering all aspects of your business from sales performance and lead quality to current order status and call manager phone reports.  We invite you to check our full array of reports in the report section of our Software Demo.

How much does it cost for a front-end website?

A: Custom sites vary widely but we offer our services on an hourly basis and we will do our best to keep you informed of costs as the project moves along.