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May 24 2017

If you are using our free jSignature tool for getting your contracts signed we have just added a new email type that will automatically send your customers a link to a copy of their signed and completed contract.  This will allow them to download and save a copy for their records. If you would like to start using this email give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in getting this setup

One of our latest feature additions allows for the auto scheduling of follow up emails.  By going into the email setup “Details” section you can schedule your follow ups to go out on a preset schedule.  You can set the emails to deliver by selecting the number of days hours and minutes after the initial quote has been sent out.  This way nothing will slip through the cracks and if an order is placed before the next scheduled follow up it will automatically be canceled.  If you would

like to use this feature and you need help getting it setup give us a call and we can assist you.



May 4 2017

We have just released a great new improvement to the “Credit Card Details” section of the Order.  If you use Authorize.net for your merchant services provider this segment appears just below the Payment section.  Here you will enter the required credit card information click save and you will now see stars replacing the credit card numbers with the exception of the last four digits.  Just below that there is a box where you will enter the amount you want to charge them press Submit.  Below in the billing notes the result of the charge is logged in as accepted or declined and the amount will be moved up to the “Amount Paid to Broker” shown in the “Payment” section above.  We also have new variables for emails and triggers to go with them.  Ask us about the details.


January 12 2017

When using our Advanced Search in Quotes or Orders in the status section not checking any boxes means the search will include all of the statuses shown.  Use the check boxes to narrow down the search to the appropriate statuses.

December 29 2016

 Software update to version

We have just released an update to our MegaBee software that will add several refinements to our pricing and our jSignature feature.

In pricing we have now added two features “Pricing Fall Back” and “Pricing Route Override” that can directly affect the number we produce with our “Price Projection Tool”.

In the past, one of the issues with Price Projection was that it didn’t produce pricing for twenty to thirty percent of the requested routes due to lack of data. The new features will allow you to produce customized pricing with our new fall back and override features.

These last two features make our already powerful pricing section the most flexible and complete pricing solution in the industry.

We have also added a bit of definition and refinement to several other features including jSignature, order tracking and the notes section. We will be rolling out these features over the next couple of weeks so if you want you can give us a call for more information and if you like we can even bump you up to the front of the line.

Until then have a safe and Happy New Year!


December 13 2016

Customer comment box is a newly added feature to our follow up section of our software. We have added a new variable to our emails that will allow you to add a custom note to your follow up emails when corresponding with clients.  You will have to add the variable to the email where you wish the comment to appear.  Feel free to call us if you need assistance adding this to your outgoing emails.

December 2016
New Call Manager feature now allows you to make calls from your desk phone.  This feature can be especially handy if you’re running into auto attendants that require you to punch keys to get to the right person.  It also means that you don’t have to purchase special headsets for your computers if you don’t already have them.  Call us today if you need help in getting setup.

September 2014
As a service for only our MegaBee customers, we now offer website development starting at $500 for a basic site plus $125 annually for hosting. Or you can add upgrades like a photo gallery or sliding banner, for your front page and even get a SEO tune up for your site for very reasonable additional fees. Let us know when you contact us and we will get you in touch with the right people.

July 2014
Please note that we are moving our offices today and will not be able to answer our phones for most of that time. If you have an emergency please use the emergency notification in our voice mail system, we will be paged and will call you as soon as we can. We will also be monitoring our email as best we can but response may be delayed.

January 2014
We have just added our new Call Manager feature.  Our Call Manager allows for the automated calling of customer leads directly through a voice over IP connection built right into our MegaBee software.  Once you see this feature and the details of how it works  you will understand the positive effect it will have on your daily operations.  We believe it will change how our industry does business and of course as a MegaBee user you will have serious competitive advantage.

March 2013
DocuSign:> CarrierSoft “Congrats on your DocuSign API certificate! We are excited to have you as a partner”. From our Facebook page, and we are excited to be on board!

Febuary 2013
We have just add several new features that include:

  • Posting to uShip’s new dispatch center.
  • Integration with DocuSign that will allow you to send contracts to customers and carriers directly from MegaBee and allow them to electronictally sign with the cllick of a mouse.
  • Merchant services interface to MegaBee that will be available as soon as we migrate out DNS to HTTPS status for the protection of our customers and yours. We are in the process of adding even more features that will be available in the next couple of months so please stay tuned for more information releases.

August 2012
We hare happy to announce a new software upgrade with loads of new features including integration with uShip and a free account with 123 Load Board to help you maximize your profits. Have a look at our new video below for a brief description and feel free contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to jump on board.

October 2011
We are now offering integration with Quotes TR, the quoting service offered by Transport Reviews. Please call us to get setup (866) 396-1467.

August 2011
We now offer multiple follow up emails that can be selected from a drop down menu.

We have added an extensive new array of information and charting to our Sales Agent and Lead Source reporting, allowing you to see all of the activity in your company from start to finish.

June 2011
Car Load Board is now integrated into the MegaBee software. Follow the more info. links in the software “Settings, Outside Integration” to get signed up.

We have added a new order level called “deleted” to our current drop down list of options. The intended use is to allow you to differentiate between the canceled orders that you have received payment on already and the now named deleted orders that were canceled before any funds were received.

January 2011
CarrierSoft joins forces with a third party SEO company to expand and insure the quality and capacity of their leads packages moving forward into the busy season.

December 2010
New personnel join the CarrierSoft team. Tera Allen joins us as our front receptionist and helps out in our graphics design department

November 2010
New personnel join the Carriersoft team. Brad Bianchini as General Manager and Richard Manion as head of customer service

October 2010
CarrierSoft.com releases its newest version of MegaBee. MegaBee has been given a facelift and now features a new, more user friendly design.

MegaBee has had more than 400 upgrades including new user permission settings, two navigation boxes with quick links, an easier to use layout, quote and order mini editors, overview pages, email attachments, invoices, bill of ladings, and much more…

June 2009

  • MegaBee now allows you to create and automatically send out follow up emails.
  • CarrierSoft.com releases a new search box so it is even easier to find your quotes and orders.
  • CarrierSoft.com’s auto transport software, Megabee, now offers new reporting options.
  • CarrierSoft.com has now released two new tutorial videos.

January 2009
CarrierSoft.com’s Auto Transport Software, MegaBee, now features MILEAGE BASED PRICING.

CarrierSoft.com releases it latest version of MegaBee, its Auto Transport Software package.

February 2009
CarrierSoft.com Launches a new web design for www.CarrierSoft.com.

CarrierSoft.com Publishes FOUR new Tutorial Videos.

March 2009

  • Company management reporting tools added in MegaBee.
  • Quick Search Feature added within MegaBee.
  • CarrierSoft.com adds an additional “Follow-Up” email in MegaBee.
  • Leads Generation Site web re-design: www.ShipCoastToCoast.com

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