Web Design FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you provide your website services for?

A: We provide our website services to our MegaBee clients only. We do this to provide a single source solution for our customers looking to take care of all of their start up needs in one place.

How much does it cost for a front-end website?

A: Custom sites vary widely but we offer our services on an hourly basis and we will do our best to keep you informed of costs as the project moves along.

What choices do I have for the overall look of my new website?

A: We send our clients to www.TemplateMonster.com and allow them to select any template available there and purchase it on their behalf. Our only restriction is that we don’t do flash movement on our sites. You can however choose a flash styled site and we will adapt it to our requirements (no movement) and set it up from that point.

How long does the process take?

A: The actual time varies but typically it takes 10  to 20 working days.

Do I have any control over my site's content?

A: You have access to all of your websites content from inside your MegaBee software. You can edit existing pages or add new content.

How does MegaBee work with my website?

A: MegaBee is integrated with your website so that a customer can go to the site we created for you, fill out a request for quote form and it will instantly flow into your MegaBee software. MegaBee will price out that request and email the customer all without you lifting a finger.